Register Online and complete all athletic paperwork (including physical) electronically for the Spring/Summer pre-season and the Fall Season through Final Forms starting May 9, 2023. Final forms can be found on the RHS website.  All incoming 9th graders will need to create an account with final forms and select the 2023-24 school year to pick Spring Football and Fall Football as a sport. Current players will need to log on to their existing final forms account and log in using their email and password (if you need to change years, Click the link to change to the 2023-2024 school year at the top of the page). If you’ve forgotten your username or password PLEASE click on the forgot email or password button. Please DO NOT create another account. If you need help, please contact Sarah Thomas at Roosevelt high school for help

Players will not be allowed to participate in practices/conditioning until online paperwork is completed (This includes: all correct paperwork/physical, fines paid in full, $50 ASB card purchased, and $75 equipment fee paid.) IF you cannot pay the equipment fee please contact Team Parent, Jodie Davis, we have scholarships available.

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