Please Check Eligibility!

NOW is the time to work with our Athletic Director to determine a player’s eligibility for the fall. To read about eligibility straight from the handbook, click here.
Every year, we have several players in every level that are found ineligible for play. This can be based on their grades, age, etc.
There are many factors that affect eligibility, and only our Athletic Director, Ryan Sherlock can make the final call. I urge you to have your athlete swing by Ryan’s office ASAP to confirm that he will be eligible for play in the fall, especially if any of the factors are in play:
  • His unweighted GPA for spring semester is below a 2.5. This includes current 8th graders – feel free to email Matt (mnkatinas @ – remove spaces ) with any questions. 
  • He is taking classes anywhere other than RHS (this includes taking classes online, at another school, being homeschooled, etc.)
  • He has been in high school for more than 4 years.
  • He transferred (especially mid-year transfers) into RHS from another school.
  • Is enrolled in fewer than 6 classes at RHS
  • Is taking any classes on a pass/fail basis
  • Note that this list is not all inclusive, the only way to be 100% sure is to read the handbook and/or talk to Matt.
Please get on this very soon! There is time to fix eligibility problems!


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February 22, 2018

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