Schedule Changes – Week of July 17

Per Coach Nelsen:

We have decided to have workouts at RHS from 8-9:30am on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (we don’t work out on Wed). All camp counselors will need to find a way to get from the workout to Nathan Hale in a timely manner, for the start of camp at 10:00.

Also, Coach needs each counselor’s phone number so that he can send out information. Please email him asap at mbmuetingnelse @ (remove spaces)


Youth Camp Next Week!

Parents –

A couple of things:

  • YOUTH CAMP is next week. Due to construction at RHS, the camp will be held at NATHAN HALE. We need a few volunteers, mostly to feed hungry campers and volunteers. Please click here to sign up to help.
  • STAY TUNED to your emails for any changes to the player’s conditioning schedule. The coaches are determining whether we need to change times and/or location due to camp.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE hours are given to players who volunteer at camp! Interested players should talk directly to Coach Nelsen. We especially encourage upperclassmen to participate!

Let me know if you have any questions!



August 17, 2017

No events scheduled for today!